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The proof is in the...tea. Each lollipop is made from the finest ingredients and at the center of it all is herbal tea. The use of herbs to maintain overall well-being is surely the oldest form of alternative medicine and, as a result, they have contributed a great deal to human health. Thus it is no surprise why we've selected herbal teas as our cornerstone.
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Dosha Pops Ingredient Spotlight: Inner Glow

Last month, I got to share with you why I created Dosha Pops and how we strive to introduce Ayurvedic principles to those who haven’t discovered this way of living while also providing healthier, all-natural alternatives to indulging in a little sweetness. Then I highlighted the specific ingredients used in some of our candies, because it’s so important to be aware of what we’re putting into our bodies and how they affect our doshas. Plus, there are just so many foods, spices, and even herbs with inherent, powerful benefits to our bodies and our minds. When I first started my Ayurvedic journey, I was blown away by how much there is to gain from the simplest foods, especially when cooking and creating with them while following Ayurvedic principles.

So today, I’m diving into another oh-so-delicious candy of ours, Inner Glow. As with all our Pops, Inner Glow starts with herbal tea; specifically, we’re talking turmeric tea, lemon, and ginger. If that doesn’t already make your mouth water, let’s take a look at what each of these ingredients has to offer.

Benefits of Lemon

This little yellow fruit has so much more packed into it than a sour pucker that brings a dish’s other flavors to life. First and foremost, as citrus fruit, it’s packed with Vitamin C to help boost your immune system and shine that “inner glow” outward—into more healthy-looking skin. Although lemons are naturally acidic, once our bodies metabolize lemon juice, it becomes alkaline in our bodies and does wonders for balancing the body’s pH. Lemons are also high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings, so you’re getting a little metabolism boost and a ward against those early-afternoon munchies all at the same time. In an Ayurvedic lifestyle, drinking warm lemon-water first thing every morning is a hugely powerful way to kickstart your day.

Benefits of Turmeric

This orange spice had been used in Eastern cooking and within an Ayurvedic-aligned diet for centuries. It brings a rich, robust flavor to any meal (my favorite, of course, is in a steaming curry dish), and it has a long list of incredible health benefits. No wonder it’s stood the test of time. It supports our bodies’ inflammatory response, helping us to heal ourselves more quickly and easily. Turmeric is also a huge immunity-booster, as it’s both antimicrobial and antibacterial. As an antioxidant itself, this spice has also been shown to reduce pain or stiffness in the treatment of arthritis.

Benefits of Ginger

If you thought turmeric sounded amazing, let’s take a peek at the bland-looking root we call ginger. When I break open one of those hard stalks, just the bursting smell of it makes my mouth water. Beyond being incredibly tasty and adding a bit of sweet and spicy to a wide variety of dishes, ginger is packed full of nutrients and healing properties. Like lemon, ginger kickstarts metabolism and digestion. It also eases nausea, improves circulation (so helpful during the end of this cold Kapha season), and even helps to reduce inflammation. In women, it’s been known to also decrease the severity and frequency of menstrual cramps. It can be boiled in water as a tea, shredded like a carrot and sprinkled fresh on top of a prepared meal, or cooked with the rest of the dish.

The versatility and nourishing qualities of these ingredients make our Inner Glow pops one of my very favorites. I keep a stash of them on hand for everything from a little energy boost to a soothing, relaxing treat—and more often than not just because I know how much these ingredients help to strengthen my immune system, digestion, and circulation. Just another step in my journey of living a long, healthy, Ayurvedic life. While these candies are especially suited to balance excess Vata and Kapha in the body, they’re fantastic for every dosha and every season. Find out your dominant dosha by taking our dosha test and start incorporating these Ayurvedic ingredients in your next tasty snack or homecooked meal. Of course, a few Inner Glow candies will always do the trick for that quick burst of flavor and balance. So let yourself indulge in our all-natural, Ayurvedic candies, because now it’s possible to satisfy that sweet tooth and feel good about it at the same time.

*Disclaimer: This article provides information about the Ayurvedic traditions.  It is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. For a serious acute or chronic health concern, please consult a trained health professional. Always check with your doctor before taking herbs.

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