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Ayurvedic Workplace Tips for Kapha Season

The holidays are over, we’re officially a month past the winter equinox, and by now, most if not all of us have returned to work for another year. Yes, even Ayurvedic candy-creators like me. With all that bubbly New-Year excitement fizzling away and our daily routines coming back into focus, now is the perfect time to look at reinvigorating and balancing yourself by doing the same thing with your workplace.

Kapha season embodies the cold, dark, and wet qualities of winter. More often than not, if I let my Ayurveda practice slip away from daily life, that leaves me feeling sluggish and a little uninspired. Staying in bed under the warm covers would just be too easy! But when I incorporate Ayurvedic principles into these five areas within my own workplace—whether that’s with administrative work in the office or sweet-treat mastery in the Dosha Pops kitchen—I find time and again that the blistering cold and short days feel short-lived. And I carry more energy, positivity, and focus through the entire day.

  • Cleaning – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. “Spring cleaning” isn’t just for the spring. One of the most satisfying ways to kick off the new year at work and avoid feeling bogged-down by Kapha season’s inherent heaviness is to scrub down my workplace and start fresh. Literally. I make my own natural cleaning solutions using these recipes and essential oils specifically to pacify Kapha’s cold, wet qualities. I look for spicy, stimulating aromas (I also diffuse some of these in my home to help me get up and out of bed), and my absolute favorites are juniper, eucalyptus, and clove. Of course, the act of cleaning itself is a great way to get my blood pumping and my body moving again. Plus, the warm, invigorating crispness of these essential oils fills the air for days afterward—sometimes weeks.
  • Colors – Chromotherapy (color therapy) is an easy, simple way to bring balance with you literally anywhere, including on your person. For the workplace, it can be especially effective, seeing as we spend so much time at work. And most of us are looking at the same environment for forty (or more) hours a week. Adding a burst of color to the workplace makes a world of difference for the daily grind, and I customize this using Kapha season chromotherapy and small accents of orange, yellow, and light purple or violet. I love the sunburst-yellow lampshade that almost comes alive on my desk every morning—light and more light!
  • Food – This can be a little tricky sometimes, just because a lot of us don’t have access to full kitchens and an Ayurvedically stocked fridge at work (I feel particularly fortunate to say that I do). If you can make your lunch the night before and bring it to work with you, excellent! But what about when your brain needs a power boost before and after the lunch break? Snacks. Are. Amazing. Kapha-pacifying foods will be lighter, a little more astringent, and definitely warming. The last thing I want is to snack in the morning and immediately feel sluggish again—or cold. I have a bag of dried figs open all morning during Kapha season for that extra brain-boost (and when the sweet-tooth hits), and there’s nothing like snacking on a handful of shelled sunflower seeds for that extra brain boost in the afternoons. In addition to my seasonally rotating tea stash (right now, I have both cinnamon and ginger teas available at all times), I also love stocking up on mint-infused lemon water with a tiny bit of honey—hydrating and so incredibly refreshing.
  • Music – Of course, I get to play music through my Bluetooth speakers whenever I want, and you may have access to a solid sound system in the workplace. Otherwise, headphones definitely get the job done. Music is a phenomenal way to set the mood and focus anywhere, and it definitely helps me “get in the zone” when I’m working. The best kind of music during Kapha season will be energetic, exhilarating, and light—anything that makes you want to get moving. I have a few tracks with natural birdcalls in them too, which remind me that spring is on its way and I’ll hear those birds right outside my window again soon enough.
  • Exercise – For me, Kapha season is the most important time of the year to really set clear intentions on keeping my body moving—and it’s the easiest time to slip out of an exercise routine. Keeping our bodies in motion even at work is an excellent way to combat Kapha season’s heaviness and cold. Plus, movement keeps the mind sharp. If you have the time and space, give yourself a few minutes for a Kapha-clearing yoga sequence. If not, quick pranayama (breath-control) practice a few times a day helps to alleviate stress and invigorate your body almost as much as a yoga sequence. I strive for both, but sometimes, I only have 5-10 minutes to re-center myself and keep moving.

Kapha season and winter can feel like they last forever, especially with such short amounts of daylight and (at least for me) an almost nonexistent ability or desire to be outside in the cold. I always want to stay sharp, focused, and energized at work—to be my best self in what I do both for a living and as my calling. Ayurveda practices to balance excess Kapha during this cold, wet season are the best way to do that. My workspace almost simmers with the clean aromas of clove and eucalyptus, punctuated by that sunny lampshade and bursts of orange and purple. My mint-lemon water and dried figs are always at my side, and I stay moving with lively music and energizing, Kapha-clearing yoga (often at the same time!). And yes, sometimes I indulge with an uplifting treat, because hey, that’s what we do at Dosha Pops. You can indulge in a sweet pick-me-up too with one of our Kapha-specific Ayurvedic candies, like Inner Glow, Cinnamon Shan-tea, and Head Over Hibiscus.

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