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Ayurvedic Workplace Tips for Pitta Season

Ayurvedic Workplace Tips for Pitta Season

Let’s face it—work is a huge part of our lives, whether it’s in an office, a cubicle, or a salvaged space to focus at home. Before my Ayurvedic journey brought me to create Dosha Pops, I was a lawyer. Trust me, I know the grind. And as a candypreneur, I still spend hours a day at my desk, handling the administrative side of my own business. Fortunately, embracing an Ayurvedic lifestyle at the workplace is a lot easier than it might seem.

During the hot summer days of the Pitta season, it’s even easier for me to fall into irritability and restlessness, especially when I’m trying to tap into my creativity and be productive at the same time. Without giving myself breaks and a chance to replenish all my energies—physical, mental, and creative—I fall way short of my capacity for getting things done and feeling fulfilled at the end of a long work day. Bringing balance to work avoids burnout and helps me appreciate the other aspects of my home and personal life. These are my favorite ways to incorporate Ayurvedic living at work to balance the hot, dry, dominant Pitta qualities during the summer months.

Cleaning – Everybody likes a clean workspace. When there’s no clutter, sticky mess, or pool of old smells to distract me, I can get a fresh start the minute I sit down to begin the day. Check out our recipes for all-natural cleaners (you can substitute the essential oils with sweet, cooling fragrances that balance Pitta, like jasmine, lavender, or mint). This is a fantastic way to reset your workplace and start balancing the atmosphere from the first inhale.  

Colors – Last month, I wrote about chromotherapy (color therapy) during the Pitta season and that the cool, refreshing tones of blue, purple, and green are the best to balance Pitta. You can also do wonders in a dull workplace by sprucing it up with some simple DIY hacks for office decorating. I love getting a new lampshade or repainting a picture frame to use as accent pieces. Every color has a different effect on our doshas and overall moods, so be intentional with your choices. This is a great resource for choosing colors to decorate any space, either to compliment your own dominant Dosha or to switch out with the change of the seasons.

Food – As long as I choose the right things, a mindful snack during the day brings a huge boost to brain function and energy levels—and it keeps me from staring at the clock and waiting for the lunch break. These are some easy and delicious Ayurvedic snack ideasFeel free to create your own energizing goodies using Pitta-pacifying foods, (I love making snack bites by mixing dried dates, shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, and almond butter; they’re naturally sweet and have tons of protein!). Having lemon water on hand to drink throughout the day does amazing things for digestion and energy. If you need a little variety in beverages, stock up on herbal teas like mint or chamomile, or hibiscus teas (some of our candies contain these herbal teas as main ingredients).

Music – A calm, productive, and creative atmosphere can always be set and maintained with the right background sounds. During the Pitta season, the best types of music to listen to at work are slow, soothing instrumentals. I have a playlist of meditation tracks with running water in the background (to counter the dry heat of Pitta). Here are some excellent sources of Pitta-soothing music that will help you focus and still your mind for the next task.

Exercise – If you have the space in your office or can get away for even 15-20 minutes, Pitta-balancing yoga is an excellent way to get moving in the middle of sitting all day for work. But if this isn’t an option for you, don’t fret. Take a deep breath instead and practice these pranayama (breath) techniques. I find them a quick, easy, incredibly powerful way to combat stress over upcoming deadlines or to re-energize myself during a midday slump.

I’m always at my best when I incorporate Ayurvedic living in the day-to-day functions of work. Now that I’ve made these simple changes, my workplace is clean and smells summer-fresh, and I’ve set an intentional mood in my surroundings with accents of deep, Pitta-cooling tones in green and pastel violet—mixed with soothing instrumentals in the background. With my mind primed for creativity and calm, I keep Pitta-pacifying snacks on hand for energy and nourish myself with pranayama breath and the occasional walk or short yoga practice. I know I might make staying balanced at work through Pitta season look easy, but I promise you can too. And for a sweet little treat to lift your mood, try adding a few of our candies to your stash of herbal teas at the ready (like our Amlaberry or Goodness Grapecious pops), and get to work on staying balanced.

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