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Vata Season: Turn Over A New Leaf

Now that it’s fall, we can enjoy all that it has to offer as long as we stay balanced. According to Ayurveda, shorter dry colder days are Vata season. It’s called Vata season because it has the same qualities as the Vata dosha, which is dry, light, cold, rough, clear, and moving.

Ideally, our bodies synchronize with the changing seasons. If we don’t stay in tune with the rhythm of nature, our dosha will become imbalanced. During Vata season, dry skin and lips are signs of an excessive Vata dosha. Luckily, we can offset the Vata dosha imbalance through diet, lifestyle, and temperatures that are warming.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you balanced during the cold months ahead:

  • Eat warming freshly cooked foods. Soups and stews are cold weather favorites. Avoid dry or uncooked foods like popcorn and raw cold salads this time of year.
  • Drink warm liquids. Herbal teas and hot water keep will keep you warm and hydrated.
  • Eat Vata-pacifying foods. Eat more of the sweet, sour, pungent and salty tastes. Lentils, oatmeal, basmati rice and fall vegetable stews are all great options. For a sweet treat try our Cinnamon Shan-tea lollipops.
  • Use warm spices. Cooking with cinnamon, pepper, and ginger jump-starts digestion.
  • Stay Warm. Make sure home and the office is well heated with enough humidity.
  • Self-Message. Give yourself a self-abhyanga massage in the morning or before bed using sesame or almond oil.
  • Get enough sleep! Good rest keeps us balanced. Try spiced warm milk with a pinch of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg before bed for restful sleep.
  • Meditate. It helps to calm the restless hyperactive mind, promotes sleep and improves digestion.
  • Routine. Vatas thrive on routine. During Vata season it’s important to wake up, go to bed and eat meals the same time every day. Also, make sure to plan for daily gentle exercise and relaxation.

Remember, all dosha types are vulnerable to Vata imbalances during Vata season. However, Vata dosha types need to pay special attention to staying balanced. If you don’t know your dosha, take the Dosha Quiz here.

We hope these tips help you turn over a new leaf this season. Have a happy and well-balanced fall!

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