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ThrillerNYC Featured on Ginger TV

Thriller NYC started in 20004. Since then, zombies have done Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance to adoring fans every year at the West Village Halloween Parade. These dancing zombies come from all different backgrounds, very few of which have any professional dancing experience including yours truly. Anyone can join Thriller NYC, but it is on a first come first serve basis – the first 100 zombies to register online the first day of October make the cut and the rest are waitlisted.

_DSC0522This year I decided to join this group of dancing zombies as a fun and healthy way to celebrate Halloween. Actually, I was originally waitlisted. Thinking that was the end of my dancing zombie aspirations, I was surprised to get an email from the Thriller NYC organizer Erin Early stating that they had six spots available for this year’s parade and I received the last one. Her next email was a request for volunteers to do GingerTV and Halloween-themed wedding (but that’s another story). Of course, I agreed to participate in the GingerTV interview.

A few hours later, I’m at my first rehearsal in a dance studio with 70 strangers learning the Thriller dance. Gulp! No time to second guess that decision. Choreographer Carolyn Kelly, coached us zombies-in-training on how to do Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. The rehearsal was a lot of fun but I was two left feet. Thankfully, Erin and Carolyn gave us an instructional video to practice our steps. Unlike most of the other dancers, I only had a week to practice because my first performance date was for GingerTV.


Practice makes perfect, and I need a lot of practice! Over the next seven days, I danced all the time in my apartment. I even danced on my building rooftop. People in neighboring apartments must’ve thought I was crazy. When I wasn’t practicing my dance moves, I was watching the instructional video in the grocery store line, on subway platforms and anytime I had a few moments of down time in my schedule.

Our big debut as ThrillerNYC zombie dancers on GingerTV came way too fast. With my zombie school girl outfit freshly tattered and bloodied and my freshly scar-painted face by a BirchBox  makeup artist, I was as ready as I could be after a week of practice.


GingerNewYork is found on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), showcasing the “Kool Kats…Gotham Nights” greats of music and culture of New York and beyond. What defines GingerNewYork is its host Ginger Broderick’s unique insight, connection to and pulse on the music and culture of Gotham making GingerNewYork one of the most sought after programs to appear on.

Four of us zombies along with Erin Early and Carolyn Kelly did an interview with pink boa costumed host Ginger Broderick. She asked us lots of questions including the history of ThrillerNYC and our individual reasons to join the zombie team. I told Ginger that I joined because I love to dance, love music (especial Michael Jackson’s music) and love Halloween. I explained that as a candymaker I create treats, I especially love creating candy for music industry events like the GRAMMYs. In celebration of music and Halloween, this year I decided to do a trick which is being a dancing zombie with ThrillerNYC. I guess you could say that I’m creating the tricks and the treats this year!


Our dance moves were thankfully on point. Ginger liked our performance so much, she asked us to do our zombie dance twice during the live airing. The GingerTV interview was a Grrreat experience for us. Next up, flash mob performance at a Halloween-themed wedding. I hope I don’t scare the little kids on my subway ride home for a zombie outfit change for this upcoming event.

Our killer photos couldn’t have been done without our lovely photographer, Carli Choi!

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