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Breast Cancer Awareness at Athleta

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. Especially because it’s full of celebrating health and wellness, including October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most people are aware of breast cancer but many forget to take steps to detect it early. Our goal is to inspire our customers to live a balanced life and promote healthier lifestyles.

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Event at the Athleta store in SoHo was hosted by New York Yoga + Life Magazine. As you can see from photos this new loft-style store is not only beautiful, but it also fits 50 of us yogis!


The New York Yoga + Life Magazine is also a new kid on the block that’s already making a splash in the yoga world. Their magazine represents the “rest” of the industry, giving us real stories about real people in our community with a philanthropic effort in mind. We’re sold! Needless to say, we were honored they reached out to us to sponsor this event.


Yoga teacher Annie Fisco, who teaches at Lyon’s Den Power Yoga, helped us work up a sweat through a rigorous flow with headstands and all, followed by a mindful meditation.


After yoga and meditation, board certified Breast Surgeon Dr. Yolanda Tammaro led an informative discussion on early detection and awareness for breast cancer. She gave us tips about breast exams, healthy food choices, and exercise. She also answered all of our questions ranging from the best hospitals, types of examination machines, and the latest technology.

At the end of the event, guests were treated to beauty products from Bogavia, refreshing beverages from Drink Greens, Wtrmln Wtr, yummy snacks from Health Warrior, Real Food Kitchen and of course our Wishful Pinking lollipops. Bonus: shopping Athleta’s cute active wear clothing! We’re so happy that the glorious photographer, Ethel Kambourian, was there to capture every moment. Thank you for a beautiful community event that empowers us to take charge of our own health!

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Pictured from left to right: Veronica Beltran, Justine Ma, Iana Velez and Lauren Cap

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