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Rock to the Future with Dosha Pops

Dosha Pops believes that music is medicine for the mind. Our love of music brought us to Philadelphia for the Clark Park Fall Music Festival to support a great non-profit after-school music program for underprivileged children called Rock to the Future, founded by Jessica Craft.

This awesome organization gives students individual music lessons, teaches them to read sheet music, compose their own songs, play a range of instruments and form their own rock bands. Amazing! Another cool aspect of this nonprofit is that they were founded from start-up financing from Women for Social Innovation, a nonprofit philanthropic “giving circle” with a membership of around 20 women, providing seed money to social innovators seeking to help women, girls and families in the Greater Philadelphia area.

When Rock to the Future reached out to us to participate, we happily agreed. Plus our chief lollipop maker, Peggy Andrews, grew up in Philadelphia and has fond memories of spending time in Clark Park.

In addition to awesome performers, the festival had a collection of unique vendors, activities for children (including a cool drum circle) and opportunities to win exciting prizes! These lucky winners won Dosha Pops. Too Cute!


The all-day Fall Music Festival started at 11 am with Abi Reimold, Dubsmith, Darla, You Do You, Nik Greeley and the Conversations. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see these bands perform but heard they got everyone moving. We arrived in time to watch the Rock to the Future House Band. Boy can those kids rock!

We also saw Rosemary Fiki. This band’s female guitar player not only rocked it hard, she had an awesome custom-designed guitar.

Rosemary Fiki_MG_5203
Next up was
Rockers Galore, which was a fusion of old-school funk and brand new spunk, rooted in Haitian kompa music, reggae and punk. True to it’s description, this band brought it!


The final band was Black Landlord, which combines all the elements of an old Motown review with classic old school hip-hop. Now we know why this band is a Philly favorite, they definitely collected the rent!

At the end of the day, a wonderful community came out to support killer music for a great cause. We had a fun time and captured every moment thanks to our talented photographer, Ashley Tester! Thanks for including us Clark Park and Rock to the Future!


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