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Benefits of Honey

Have you ever poured a spoonful of honey in tea, or maybe even spread it over a piece of toast? It may be a great sweetener in your food, but honey also has amazing benefits for your skin and diet. Honey adds a natural boost to your skin, hair, nails, and health. Find out just what honey does, and a few simple ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle.


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With the skin being the body’s largest organ, it needs to be fed too. Sweeten up your skin routine with a little honey. According to Women’s Health, spreading raw honey on to dry skin and letting it sit, can improve your skin’s hydration. The honey draws moisture from the air, and retains it in layers of your skin. This is perfect for winter months, when the air is particularly dry. Waiting on a scar to fade? No worries! Speed up that process a bit with a thin coat of raw honey on your injury. Brands like Burt’s Bee’s, incorporate honey into their products not only for the amazing benefits, but for the natural scent as well.


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Honey is a natural antioxidant, so it tends to improve scalp health and ultimately increase growth. Similar to how it acts with skin, honey attracts moisture, which of course is perfect for damaged and dry split ends. We take away moisture when applying heat, taking a dip in pools with chlorine or beaches with salt water, or simply standing in summer’s thick humidity. Our hair takes such a beating, especially during the summer months, and honey is the perfect supplement! Everyday Roots suggests a honey hair treatment, which may be the perfect cure! Honey is also a great natural base for hair removal. Check your local spa for honey hair removal treatments that are safer for your skin.


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Honey is the perfect addition to your nail care treatment as well! A lot of spas offer some sweet services involving honey. Try the Breath of Milk & Honey treatment where honey is used with  a little milk to soak and then exfoliate the skin. Another treatment is a paraffin wax, consisting of honey and beeswax. This particular treatment not only hydrates, but increases circulation in the fingers and hands.


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Image via Klasinski Clinic

With honey being so sweet, we often don’t realize how it can actually contribute to our health. Honey contains vitamins that are actually useful for our body. It can also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disorders, and simultaneously assist in maintaining a healthy body weight. Try these honey combos to improve your health: honey & cinnamon,, honey & lemon juice, and honey & warm tea.

So, Honey? Yes please! It’s nice to finally not feel guilt about sweets, especially when they’re actually good for your health. Take the time to invest in yourself this summer with your honey treatments! Let us know which saved you from the sticky summer heat! Have any more sweet health facts about honey? Let us know in the comments below!

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