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5 Ways to Meditate your Way to Happier Kaphas this Spring

Engagement in daily meditative activities help keep our Kaphas the happiest, most balanced, alert versions of themselves. The warmer weather calls for some extra you-time for these introspective beings, and spring is the the season for this earth-water dosha. In celebration, here are five meditation techniques to keep our slow-and-steady-wins-the-race dosha feeling their very best.

1. Nature Walks

Because Kapha is the earth and water dosha, they often find nothing more meditative and balancing than connecting with the ground, earth and sky during peaceful nature walks. Spending just a few minutes to explore the outdoors can make a significant positive impact on this dosha. Try a slow walk through a park, the woods, or a backyard. Pay close attention to your senses and focus only on what you hear, smell, and see in the present moment.


Writing is a meditation technique as ancient as Ayurveda itself, and is a great way for a Kapha to organize their thoughts and tap into the introspect. Begin with a breathing exercise, then try 10 minutes of free-writing with no rules beyond, “just write.”

3. Breath Alignment

Kaphas often move slowly but surely and are proud of the fact. Breathe alignment exercises can be a great way to tune into this turtle-wins-the-race lifestyle and are a great meditation technique for Kaphas. Something as simple as sitting up with a hand on your stomach and paying attention to the way your breath moves through your diaphragm as you inhale deeply can make a huge difference in a Kapha’s day.

4. Swimming

Calm swimming, preferably in a natural setting, can be an excellent form of meditation. It’s likely to be very centering for the water dosha to connect with this element. Swimming meditation can also serve to calm busy Kapha minds. Here are some great water meditation techniques.

5. Sleep!

“Sleep is the best form of meditation.”- Dalai Lama

Early to bed early to rise is a key motto for a balanced Kapha. A healthy night’s sleep will help keep a Kapha awake, alert, and joyful throughout each and every day. A Kapha who sleeps on a schedule and avoids late nights that will lead to naps will find themselves feeling much more easygoing, alert, focused, and balanced.

Summer is almost upon us and it’s a great time for every dosha (see which of the three you are here) to tune in, take some time to reflect and find new balance inside of ourselves for the changing seasons. Meditate, meditate, meditate!

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