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Ms. Foundation Gloria Awards Event

What’s the Gloria Awards, you ask?

The Gloria Awards, given by the Ms. Foundation for Women, is an annual salute to women of vision. Their mission is to build women’s collective power. The foundation, which was founded in 1973, also works hard to realize a nation of justice for all. The organization tirelessly advocates for national and statewide policy change and supports more than 100 organizations throughout the country that are working for change at a grassroots level.

How did Dosha Pops become involved with the Gloria Awards?

Being raised by a single entrepreneurial mother and coming from an all women’s college background, I looked towards female role models at an early age. One of my favorite role models is Gloria Steinem. In March, I even posted a happy birthday to Gloria on my FaceBook page. To my surprise later that day we received an email from the Ms. Foundation, of which Gloria was a founding member, asking us to participate in the Gloria Awards.

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Being asked to be a sponsor of this event was one of those moments in your life where you feel completely honored to be a part of something that is very special. This year’s Gloria Awards honored six incredible women and organizations making an impact for women and communities across the country.

The awards were given to the honorees at a gala dinner at NYC’s Pierre Hotel. We gave each honoree a three pack of our new, not-yet-released lollipop flavors, while Gloria received a six pack gift box of our original Dosha Pops flavors.

The night’s festivities didn’t end with the gala! There was also a fun after party that included a virtual photo booth with props, dancing, and a raffle. I had way too much fun using the props at the virtual photo booth. The raffle included some great items including our candy. Getting a chance to meet the Ms. Foundation for Women CEO Teresa C. Younger, Founding Mother Gloria Steinem, and the honorees were wonderful. I even got a chance to show off my dance moves with a few of them.

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Happily, the gala raised over $750,000, which will help the organization provide training, advocacy, and education!

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