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The proof is in the...tea. Each lollipop is made from the finest ingredients and at the center of it all is herbal tea. The use of herbs to maintain overall well-being is surely the oldest form of alternative medicine and, as a result, they have contributed a great deal to human health. Thus it is no surprise why we've selected herbal teas as our cornerstone.
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Behind the Scenes: Our Journey to the 2015 “Everyone Wins at the Oscars” Nominee Gift Bags

Unlike last year’s invitation to participate in the Oscar Nominee gift bags, I didn’t ignore the request for three days. I responded with a gleeful yes immediately!

This year we wanted to do something extra special for the nominees; not only did we create six new yummy flavors, but we also added 24K gold! These gilded beauties aren’t available for retail, they were made especially for inclusion in the nominee gift bags. The special-edition pops serve as a wonderful way of thanking those amazing artists who have given us countless hours of entertainment. Gold has been reported to promote a feeling of overall well-being, and even though certain nominees may not win an Oscar, everyone will still get to take home a little bit of gold, Dosha Pops style.

We thought that this year’s candy production would be a breeze compared to last year. After all, we’ve had a year of scaled up production under our belt. Boy were we wrong! Creating new flavors, preparing for the Oscars and the holiday season (all the way from October through Valentine’s Day) all at once proves to be a bit challenging. Let’s not forget that we also ran a non-profit nomination campaign for the end-of-the-year donation, created new flavors and their names and finally ran a name-the-new-lollipop-flavor campaign for our candy fans to name a flavor.

Buying ingredients is a simple task, right? Wrong!  Even though we ordered all the ingredients months in advance, one ingredient was majorly delayed.

Weather is always a concern for candymakers. In our case humidity, rain and a blizzard prolonged the production process. We ended up having one day of optimal weather to create the candy, which also happened to be the same day we had an in-kitchen TV interview. Not to mention my own mistakes like the day I had to travel an hour to my photographer, upon arrival realizing that I forgot the candy to be photographed at home. So what should’ve been a two hour trip became a four hour trip and that was just my morning!

We all know that this winter has been a little relentless. Try mailing out the first round of candy to LA during a snow storm! All of our weather problems meant that we had only a few days to make our first round of delivery deadlines too. In the end we completed, shipped out and met all of our deadlines. Looking back it was a whirlwind for team Dosha Pops, but we had a lot of fun along the way!

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