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Ghee Whiz: Part One of Two – What in the World is Ghee?!

Don’t worry, this is a very understandable question as this mystery butter/oil/spread concoction is finally coming to more mainstream wholesalers in the western hemisphere. Ghee has been used across the world for hundreds and hundreds of years as a substance very similar to butter. However, ghee is the basically the bees knees, the premium blend, the Cadillac of the butter world. Cow’s milk churned into butter is refined to the absolute finest quality, and by removing all of the milk, you are left with much more pure substance. So pure, in fact that there is no need for refrigeration if stored in an air-tight container, and some ancient batches in India have been kept for hundreds of years.


Ayurvedic Benefits

According to Kripalu, Ayurveda teaches us that the consumption of ghee offers a wide range of benefits, including clarity of mind and sound digestion. Similarly, Amirita Veda, who describes ghee as the finest of fuels for the fire of digestion, claims that it makes all of the organs soft and and refines the digestion process.

Secondly, Care2 says that ghee is one of the satvic foods, which according to ayurveda means that it promotes the positivity, growth and the expansion of the consciousness. Ghee holds all of these properties because of its direct path from the earth, through the holiness of the cow, through refinement to its purest form, into you.

Lastly, ghee is an intensely pure clarified butter, and after consumption its oils aid in lubrication of the joints and tissues. This lubrication helps promote flexibility of the muscles and joints, which is perfect for the sister science of ayurveda, yoga.

These are just some of the ways that ghee can benefit you if it is ingested. However, there are plenty of other ways that you can use it too. Check out the list below to see how ghee can be used and help make life a bit simpler.


  • A deep tissue massage with ghee bypasses the digestive system, adding oils and nutrients directly into the body. Great for joints, sore back, sore muscles and headaches.
  • Excellent use as a facial moisturizer
  • Use as a bath oil
  • Use on burns, scratches and bug bites
  • Gargling a mixture with water can improve gum and tooth health
  • Can be burned in oil lamps with cotton wicks

Needless to say, this ‘miracle butter’ is not only a healthier alternative to grandma’s favorite cooking companion, but it is also a full body cleanser — at the most rudimentary level. It seems like some of the latest products manufactured in labs by white-coats have been right inside our refrigerators all along. If you have ever heard of or used ghee in different ways than what’s listed above we would love to hear about it! Any good recipes? Send them our way.

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