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Music: Medicine For Your Mind

We are always trying to seek better ways of finding balance in our lives. Usually, we resort to typical practices like meditation and cleanses. These traditional options are all very successful, but many are unaware of other solutions, like music.

Ayurveda proposes the use of music to find your equilibrium. Samaveda, one of its four Vedas, contains 1900 verses that should be sung in certain melodies. The spiritual hymns date all the way back to 1200 BCE and the lyrics serve as a tool for communication by requesting health and happiness. The music provokes different emotions, whether it be happiness or sadness. Being in touch with your emotions increases your attention, sensory awareness, and personal meaning. The effects of listening to Samaveda can be seen when observing your brain activity. This video shows that music even has physical effects, not just psychological ones.

While most of Samaveda has religious ties, a subset of it called Gandharva Veda, is more connected to the natural world. Each hymn helps you reflect on the world around you in a unique way. To feel one with nature, listeners should match song choices with 8 different times of day called Praharas: Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, Midnight, and Late Night.  Your body is changing throughout the day, so the music you listen to should change with it. If you’re losing your balance lately, take a walk outside and listen to the calming sounds of Gandharva Veda. You will find your place in the world again, soothing your nerves and soul. After all, your mind’s health affects your body’s health.

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