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The proof is in the...tea. Each lollipop is made from the finest ingredients and at the center of it all is herbal tea. The use of herbs to maintain overall well-being is surely the oldest form of alternative medicine and, as a result, they have contributed a great deal to human health. Thus it is no surprise why we've selected herbal teas as our cornerstone.
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Tulsi: Elixir of Life

A hidden Indian treasure, this natural “miracle” still has more health benefits than the world may know.

In India, the Tulsi herb (which is also found in Dosha’s Chai Me Up pop, by the way!) is worshipped as a sacred plant, and is a principle herb of Ayurveda, India’s ancient holistic health system. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and contains beneficial compounds known as phytochemicals. These compounds possess potential adaptogenic properties, which means they may help with stress, as well as enhance your immune system. With just one cup of tea, it can create a powerful remedy to a wide range of contagious diseases and toxins, as well as travel related illness.

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Tulsi also has anti-pollutant, anti-oxidation and air purification properties that can be used to help our environment. It has been used as nature’s cure for the Taj Mahal, a 17th century white marble monument of love, which is one of the most renowned and historic landmarks in the world. Due to India’s air pollution, this once stunning white marble is becoming a dull, yellow-tinged, stone building. In addition, the high sulfur dioxide from automobiles and industry are creating harmful fungi that corrode the monument. In 2009, Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and tulsi tea producer Organic India jointly planted 1 million Tulsi saplings near the Taj Mahal in an effort to protect it from environmental pollution by providing purification and care to India and its beloved sanctuary.

As you can see, the people of India have a lot of faith in these “miracle” plants. This natural take on purifying the land shows that sometimes you have to get back to your roots and start anew.

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