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Candy Cab Karma

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.~ Wayne Dyer

The first time I heard about Candy Cab was from a friend’s tweet. Goosebumps ran down my arms when I read the tweet about a NYC yellow cab driver that gives out free candy. Yum! I soon discovered that Mansoor Khalid is the wonderful person behind this sweet idea.

Mansoor launched Candy Cab in April 2012, but his generosity started well before Candy Cab. According to a New York Times article, his 18 month old son suffered from a congenital heart defect. During his hospital visits, he would bring coffee to the doctors and nurses. He said, “My average was $20 a night for coffee and sweets.” After his son’s death, Mansoor wanted to keep his spirits up so he decided to turn a ride in his cab into an entertaining and lively trip. He learned from the time he spent at the hospital with his son that giving to others is the best way to help him with his sense of loss. He said, “When you give something from your hand, you feel very good when someone gives a smile.” With his kind deeds, Mansoor has surely created good karma.

The Candy Cab story embodied such sincere generosity that it became my mission to donate Dosha Pops to his Candy Cab for National Candy Month. My next step was to contact Candy Cab and request a ride. When he arrived, I was delighted to see a cab full of candy. Once inside, I was treated to a light show, and I could even be the dj by plugging my iPod into the sound system. Mansoor was just as sweet as his candy! He was happy to recieve a box of Dosha Pops to give to his loyal fans. Mission accomplished.

Since my donation, Candy Cab’s fans have been spotted on Instagram enjoying some of his tasty treats including Dosha Pops.

Mansoor, thank you for making NYC a little bit sweeter!

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